Tai Chi Jeung

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This ancient, continuous, slow form of exercise is a moving meditation which builds strength, vitality, balance, and many other benefits. Students of all ages learn warm-up exercises, eternal youth exercises, push-hands, and forms. We also teach self defense techniques derived from the movements of the forms, and from the push-hands exercises.

We offer an advanced tai chi class to experienced students, which meets after the Tuesday evening class from 8:00 pm to 9:15 pm. This class is an intensive study of tai chi, with an emphasis on accuracy in the forms, and the martial applications of the movements therein.

Currently out class meets at From the Heart Yoga and Tai Chi Center at 776 Leonard Street NE in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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About Tai Chi Jeung (Mor Waan Jeung)

The Style of Tai Chi that Sifu Lee teaches was passed to Sigong Chiu Chu Kai by a Taoist Monk named Cheung Man Chau ( “Ten Thousand Autumns”). He was skilled in an art known as “Tai Chi Palm”. Master Chiu had a deep desire to learn this method so he went to find Cheung to learn “Tai Chi Palm”. After Cheung finished teaching him the system master Chiu asked his teacher what he should call this method of Tai Chi. Since the place they were situated was a mountain that was covered with clouds each morning. Cheung said, “Just call it Mor Wan Palm, which means “moving the clouds palm”. Therefore, “Mor Wan Palm” became a unique martial art in Chuk Kai Tai Chi Praying Mantis Style. Sifu Lee inherited the entire system from Sigong Chiu Chuk Kai.